[AIT2] Kat validator

Hi, everyone! :slight_smile:
I am a crypto enthusiast since 2018 and experienced node operator / validator, running nodes for 2,5 years. I am a member of the group of professional IT specialists (front- backend, fullstack) with 2-10 years of experience. We work with different retail and developer companies too.
We run nodes in devnet and testnets in different top projects, like Aptos, Celestia, StarkNet, Subspace and others.

You can reach us on discord @Jerod#2377 or telegram @tigerbank
I run a node for Aptos from devnet, also tried to apply for AIT1 but my node was not chosen among 100. I also run a validator node for AIT2 and hope to be chosen ))

Tech details: for mainet usually use Hetzner (reliant as for me), for dev- or testnets prefer Contabo cloud servers.
Current config.: 4/8/400, pref.uptime 24/7
Live in Ukraine and Germany from time to time.
I speak English, Ukraine, Russian.