[ait2] kant1742

Hi. I’m a former Backend developer.

The general crypto experience goes back in 2015 where I helped all kinds of projects to grow.

In the past year and a half I set up many nodes, such as Aptos, Archway, Forta, Iron Fish (2 phases), Masa, Massa, Minima, Pontem, StarkNet, and Subspace.

I’ve been running multiple Aptos devnet nodes since the beginning and helped many hundreds of people to solve their problems.

I wrote an article about Aptos which can be found on Discord, and you might have noticed, I make summaries from Move Mondays and Workshop Wednesdays in 2 languages:)

Languages: Russian and English.
Telegram: @zhabka1337 and @zhabkaEZ
Github: Kant1742 (zhabkaEZ) · GitHub

:raised_hands:always nice translations

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