[AIT2] Kakarot from 721 Digital

Hi, it’s Kakarot from 721 Digital

My real name is Duc An. I’m 18 now.
Currently, I am the game mechanic builder of 721 Digital, a technology start-up founded by ex-Binance Key Account Manager and MakerDAO ambassador.

As an individual validator from Vietnam, I have experiences as validators, testers or delegates in several projects like Euler Finance, Strips Finance, Subspace, Sui, Massa and others.

I realise Aptos is one of the most innovative projects and have the most potential to form the new standard of blockchain network in the near future. So, I want to be a part of this project, firstly by participating in this AIT2 round.

Technical details: I’m using cloud services from Contabo running Ubuntu 20.04 with 32TB traffic.
Contact: Telegram: @kakarot04

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