[AIT2] k0styan - To make the world better!

Hi all!
My name is bone. Why should you vote for me? Firstly, I am a true Narnian, we do not leave each other in trouble. Secondly, I have a lot of experience in nodes, I participated in a large number of testnets. For example, I have a Solana node on the main network. And thirdly, I’m just a great guy)
Hugs to everyone and good luck!

Languages: Russian, English.
Discord: k0styan#4250
Telegram: @k0styanpro


A reliable validator tested on a variety of projects. Always in touch and always with excellent node performance

one of the best testers I know. I 'm casting my vote for him . :tada: :tada:

I’ve known for a long time. he is considered one of the best applicants. very responsible.

Oh, I learned about him a long time ago from the telegram group and I am very pleased and support his initiatives. helps projects . validates nodes. makes technology the best