[AIT2] jzlgzesmxk Validator

Hello to Aptos Community! I am very glad to introduce my validator profile.

My main work is a Network Engineer for over 13 years, such background give me a great skills to be an advanced node runner.

I run my Aptos node in my own homelab on a high performance physical server with backup power supply and reserved network configuration to ensure the high availability of the node.

I have run as validator in AIT1, and many networks in Cosmos, Polkadot, Chia and others. Wrote scripts and tutorials to facilitate the running of the node during runtime.
As community member, I help other colleagues solve problems with running and maintaining nodes. I also made a proposal to the Aptos team to reconsider the latency requirements for API requests when checking by a node validation tool when registering to AIT2. I am very glad that the team responded positively to such an appeal and took a step towards community and decentralization, now in AIT2 will be able to participate members from almost any corner of the earth. Together - we are great!

My Discord: jzlgzesmxk#5265

Thank you very much for your vote and see you in AIT2!