[AIT2] JOHNEE Validator

Hello to everybody ! In crypto since 2017, in nodes since 2019 - Participated more than 200 testnets, have mainnet nodes in such projects like Solana, MINA, XX network, Agoric, Certik and others. Known in RU cryptocommunity.
Individual validator form Minsk, spoke Russian, English, Belarus, Polish languages.
Infrastructure : VDS Ryzen 9 3900x, 64RAM, 1TB SSD NVMe. + security setup+ monitoring tools setup+ bot on tg .

discord : John88#2911
tg: @tinuxxx


Know him, good validator and man !

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Good luck our leader !

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do not miss this guy

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Hello from Narnia ! wish you luck!

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Thenk’s all for support!

My guess is that guys like you have to join the AIT2!