[AIT2] jdponomarev#0897 🔥

Hi guys!

  • I’m a professional devops and developer with over 10 years of experience with unix systems. I’ve been in the space for a while, working in CTO roles for 5+ years
  • I’m working full time in crypto space, that’s not just my hobby
  • I’m located in Brisbane, Australia, GMT+10
  • I run nodes on cloud machines in mostly in Hetzner/Digital Ocean Cloud with my own monitoring tools
  • I run nodes for 10+ various projects, including Sui
  • I was running Aptos node for a while but unfortunately was not selected for AIT1

Discord: jdponomarev#0897
Telegram: @jdponomarev
Email: jdponomarev@gmail.com

Languages: English, Russian

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