[AIT2] ITRocket Validator

Hi guys, we are ITRocket team! Hope you all are having a great day!

We are team of engineers from Armenia. Crypto enthusiasts and node operators in various crypto ecosystems. We are Web 3 entusiast and helping to grout crypto communities.

Currently we operate in:

  • Nym mainnet as a mixnode operator
  • Forta mainet node operator
  • Many testnets and devnets: Axelar, Celestia, DeWeb, Gear, IronFish, Kira, KYVE, Masa Finance, Massa, Minima, Paloma, Quicksilver, Sei, StarkNet, SubSpace, Sui

We communicate in English, Armenian and Russian Telegram: Contact @SEM3gs

  • Technical details: we use VDS and dedicated servers (6-16 cores / raid1), Ubuntu 20.04 and monitoring tools Grafana, Prometheus, telegram bot.

Thank you for your support and Welcome aboard!