[AIT2] isavazh-istake

Hello, and nice to meet you!
We are the iStakeTeam working on different projects’ technical and creative/community sides.

We always keep in touch during the whole working period. Please, do not hesitate to contact us and give us assignments on the work’s technical, educational, translating, and creative parts.

isavazh | istake#5039: a non-custodial staking, professional node runner 24/7.
I am an experienced developer, validator, and node-runner on many blockchains. In the crypto space, I have been for 2+ years and already have a lot of experience. I learn more and more with every single day.
I have the prepared infrastructure for rapid deployment of new testnet or mainnet nodes in the most recognized ecosystems (Polkadot Substrate and Cosmos Tendermint, for now).
By accepting me as a validator in your network, you can be sure that my validator will be updated promptly, fully protected, with high uptime, and hot-reserved with the second node in case of problems with the primary node.

Here, you can check some of my works: Savazh (Mohamed) · GitHub
Programmer (JS, Java, PHP, C#, C++, Python, Bash, Solidity different frameworks), Linux servers administration. Good knowledge of GitHub.
Russian and Ukrainian (fluent) Arabic, France, German, English

SimplyAngel | istake#9326: an educator, community manager, professional translator, content creator, and a copywriter with experience in SMM.
Currently, I am a part of the team in Zeitgeist (Eastern European community manager, educator, translator) and the leading group of ambassadors for Bifrost, Umee, and some others.
I work on Medium, Discord, GitBook, and Twitter primarily. However, I am very familiar with many other social media websites and sources. Writing, creating educational presentations and materials, and translating are my main passions.
I can also be a video host and provide a voice-over.
In the crypto world, I have been since the beginning of last year. Every day I read news and analytics, and I write new articles and different types of content. I have been writing articles and creating other pieces of content for Manta Network, Agoric, Zeitgeist, Bifrost, Moonbeam, Umee, etc.

Ukrainian (native), Russian (fluent), English (fluent), German (B1), Spanish and French (A2).


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