[AIT2] - isakovka

I am not a professional miner or node operator. I started to study cryptography and decentralized networks on my own. I went through a lot of mistakes and sleepless nights:)
I am improving my skills by participating in various new projects which are at an early stage of development. Participation in testnets and subsequent validation is my area of expertise.
I managed to become a full-fledged validator in Mina and Solana. I’m also a collator for the Moonbeam network.

Why pick my validator ?

  1. I guarantee quality node maintenance
  2. I have enough financial and technical resources to take part in the next 2 phases of the testing and keep the node in the main network
  3. I plan to continue to participate in the development of the project not only technically, but also by raising awareness of its technologies through content creation

I have been working in the medical field for 30 years. In my spare time I study all the charms of web3, I am engaged in trading. My native language is Ukrainian. Now I am actively learning English and can communicate in it.

You can find me on the official discord of the project - 1998Isakov#5757

I rented a server on OVH located in Warsaw - Poland with the following characteristics CPU - 6, RAM - 16, storage - 300GB