[AIT2] Inv3st.eth

Good day Dear APTOS community! I’m inv3st from Armenia!
I have been with Aptos since the beginning of its activity!
Have run and running various nodes, such as` Forta, Subspace, Starknet, Aleo, Also I have been running Aptos node contributing to the chain since the beginning of the opportunity months ago))
Truly believe in Aptos future and success!
Would highly appreciate If you be so kind to like and Vote for me guys)

My discord is > inv3st.eth#0001
Twitter is > https://twitter.com/inv3st_eth
You are very welcome to contact me regarding any activity or event within Aptos realm))

My Best Regards to Aptos community


GUys nobody wants to vote for me ? ( kinda sad tbh

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I voted bro!!! Dont worry!!!

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Thank you very much brother

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