[AIT2] ilyanazimov validator

Hello) I am Ilya)
I am a crypto enthusiast since 2017. I have been actively developing in this direction all this time.
Since 2019, I have been an portfolio manager at the CryptoArt fund, we are actively involved in developing market algorithms and investing in projects on early stages.
Website: Team - Cryptoart, there is a little more information about me) Since cryptocurrency is my lifestyle, I’m interested in everything that happens here) And I consider the Aptos project to be promising)

I have sufficient experience in validation: I am a validator in IDEP mainnet
Participant test nets: NYM, MASSA, PONTEM, Aleo, KYVE, MoonBeam, Mina, IronFish, BitCountry and some others/
I will perform all tasks efficiently and on time and will maintain a high uptime

Ukraine - English

Telegram: ilyanazimov
Discord: Ilya [CA]#7590
Twitter: @Just_IlyaCA