[AIT2] ILNodes validator

Greetings from Ukraine, APTOS community

My name is Ilya, I am a big crypto fan and .NET programming developer.
I have been into cryptocurrencies since 2018 as trader, investor, miner and staker. Last year, I tried something new for me - participation in testnets and devnets.

Some of the projects I recently take part in are:

Frankly speaking, I am expecting Aptos to be the next top project, maybe even at the level of Cosmos or Avalanche. I believe developers approach to the blockchain and amazing community will overcome any bearish trends.

Respectively, I see that AIT2 testnet as my chance to better get know the project, meet wonderful people from community and developers to walk this path together.

My telegram: Telegram: Contact @doytg
My discord: IL Nodes#9129

As my working computer hardware I rent 9 different servers with
from 4 to 16 cores
from 16 to 64 RAM
from 240 to 2048 GB SSD

Looking forward to becoming a part of Aptos validators family :slight_smile:

Could you share your github link?