[AIT2] I create a DAPP with market share 1M+ users, need to be a part of ecosystem

Building successful projects is my passion. Previously in Defi (TOP 500 CoinMarketCap), I’ve created a crosschain protocol as a part of the team. Now I’d like build DeFi with APTOS.

This is protocol like Ribbon.finance where users are able to get guaranted APR 12-15% for thier alts and be payouted in stables. Do you hold APTOS? lend it and be rewarded with stablecoin.

Why I want to build a node? cos the node is the start of all ecosystems. It is the beginnig.

Experience in nodes: MASSA, MASA, KYVE, APTOS AIT1

good choice to join Aptos!

I hope you succeed ^-^

all the best in DAPP