[AIT2] Hoan Wu Validator

Validator Profile

  • I’m Hoan Wu from Vietnam (currently Coordinator on Aptos Discord). I’ve 5 years of experience in the crypto industry. I’ve run node on several projects like Axelar Network, Umee, Pontem (Testnet). I am also running some miners on some projects like Chia Network, ETH, Aleo.

  • I’m the admin of Aptos Vietnam telegram group, and help them running node. Telegram: Contact @aptosvietnam

  • Communication Channels: Telegram: Contact @aptosvietnam.

  • Technical Details: CPU Ryzen 5 5950x. 32GB RAM. Location : Vietnam


Thank you for the compliment

@hoanwu you’re welcome!!!

nice bro, voted. Please vote me hehe

vote roi do , mot hai ba bon nam sau bay tam chin muoi


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Good member, 30 votes. I like it

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