[AIT2] heroleft Validator


  • Hello, my name is Eliaz,
  • I am engaged in the installation of nodes and active updates, network testing
  • The first experience was creating subgraphs in TheGraph project, the fastest testnet in my life HOPR, Mina,
    I participate in many projects, gaining experience that I can share.
  • Aptos is one of the promising projects at the moment, despite the market it looks very good, a close-knit community will build a strong and strong structure.
    *Individual (nzt-48), www: http://otshelnikromeo.wixsite.com/heroleft,
    Baku, Russian language, Turkish, Azerbaijani and rather forgotten language Lezgi.
  • Contacts: HeroLeft#1890
  • Telegram: @otwelnik_romeo
  • Twitter: @left_hero
    Own machine AMD 8 cores, 64 GB RAM, 2 TB ssd 980 pro, I often use dedicated servers Hetzner, DigitalOcean, I select configurations for projects.
    *My list of projects I report on