[AIT2] Hephesto

Hello. my name is Alexander, I first got acquainted with cryptocurrency in 2017 and since then I have been studying it and its environment. and in 2021 I got to node. I started exploring new projects and never gave up when I failed because I knew that one day I would succeed. It is now 2022 and I am flying along with many projects. such as Minima, Forta, Masa, Massa, Starknet, archway, Sei, ironfish, Gnoland, Quai and move forward with one goal - to become more than just a node operator. my main goal is to be useful not only in the world of cryptocurrency but also for people who believe in this new digital legacy

Infirmation :
Experience : 1 Year
Languages: Georgian, Russian, English
Nodes : Archway,Forta,Minima,Masa,Massa,Ironfish,Starknet,Sei,Quai,Gnoland,Subspace.
General information : Founder of Crypto Georgia community
Web :
Youtube : https://youtube.com/channel/UCowq3fSPcjoWrzOXQMTQMpw
Twitter : https://twitter.com/twister_dw2?t=hZkzulqy0bVeFcTMZR26Rg&s=09
Telegram : Telegram: Join Group Chat