Hello Aptos Community,
I am Mike, a firmware & hardware engineer. I have joined the crypto space in both technical & trading from early 2015. I am really interested in blockchain technologies. I used to implement the mining pool, master-node and understand through smart contracts, creating token (ERC20, BEP20 …). I was interested in Diem token of Facebook but this project was unfortunately stopped. Aptos team is one of key team inside that project; therefore, I am always looking at their status of development. I have experiences about operating a validator.

My validator is deploying on a good VPS server: 4 cores, 16GB RAM, 8GB RAM, 150GB SSD.

I hope can be apart of Aptos community and can contribute some things for this.

Thank you and nice day!

My contact:

  • Discord: topmike#5608
  • Telegram: @topmike