[AIT2] Hellman Validator ❤️❤️❤️

Hellman introduce
Hellman is a Web 3 research institute focusing on Dao, NFT, ETH, and layer 2, and is actively involved in POS projects. Hellman has participated in pools and research such as Filecoin and Swarm, and has rich experience in PoW and PoS pools. And now we are actively involved in the SSV & Aptos project.

Core member
6 years of experience in network operations and maintenance. Used to work at Hello Bike Inc., Eleme Inc. and Wind Information Co., Ltd. Proficient in Python and Data mining & analysis
Back-end engineer with more than 3 years of blockchain development expertise and server operation. Familiar with the technical architecture of the mainstream chains
Marketing and research analyst, used to work at BTCchina. Capable of conducting extensive research in the blockchain and token economy

Twitter : https://twitter.com/HellmanResearch
Website: https://hellman.team
SSV Verified VA: https://explorer.ssv.network/operators/e4edcb950ee9f4a4f89dde5e9b74b615c04f21f204884bc53ffe2bebbcea4b93
Contact us: MMT | Hellman#8361

Why choose us?
Because we have rich experience in PoS, we understand the ecology through early validators. In the future, in addition to validators, we will also contribute to the ecology by building an ecology. And we got over 95% stability in AIT1 , please cast your vote for us.

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I have contributed code https://github.com/aptos-labs/aptos-core/pull/1391
details https://github.com/mingming-tang/aptos-core/blob/monitor/monitor/prometheus/AIT_exporter/README.md
public exporter http://ait-exporter.aptos.ipfsforce.com:9116/metrics

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We have done some monitoring work to ensure the normal operation of the node, and will continue to update and open to everyone in the second phase of testing in the future.

This is nice and contributes to the code.

Hope you can enter AIT2

Can’t wait this LFG!!!

Maybe we can discuss together what type of ecosystem is suitable for aptos