[AIT2] hell0men

My node:

  • My experience with node maintenance is 7 months. I am an active member of Nodes Guru, Let’s node, Cryptolodes, How to node communities. I follow all promising projects and participate in testnets. I help to answer questions in chat rooms.
  • Creator of crypto channel :ru: Telegram: Contact @manna_money and organizer of private nodes community
  • I listened to Aptos’ recommendations about decentralization and placed my server in a data center in Russia.

Thanks for supporting me. Leave you link below and i check your application too :man_construction_worker:

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voted here
Waiting for mutual support, if it possible

Thanks. Doing my vote.

Thanks Sasha for his actions in crypto community, I vote for him and hope he can be useful for Aptos.

voted here
I would be glad to receive reciprocity)

I cast my vote for you. I wish you victory!

Voted. Good luck to all of us!