[AIT2] helen911uk

Hello all!
Validations as a profession. Experience building and supporting (maintaining/running) an active validator for NYM, Umee, Moonbeam, Aleo, Ironfish, Kyve networks, I am a validator on the main Particia Blockchain network, I was an ambassador for Moonbeam in terms of validators, so you can fully count on me for maximum uptime and constant connectivity.

There are 600 SSD servers, and there’s enough space for both the Validator and the Fullnode that’s connected to it to be fully loaded. About 2-3 months ago I found Aptos to be a promising project. Since then I’ve been reading the documentation, got to know the project and became interested in participating in Testnet.

Unfortunately, my node was not accepted in the first phase, but I’m hoping for a second phase. Already running validator and fullnode on different machines and ready to maximize uptime and fulfillment of technical tasks.

Email: serhiisaienko3@gmail.com