[AIT2] Haxor Validator

Hello guys,

I’m Haxor, How are you today guys? Hope you are all fine even the market is dip right now lol jk :laughing:
I’ve experienced about cryptocurrency 5+ years, since 2015. Yes, I know crypto from blockchain bitcoin wallet until now achieved make growth of community project, make the event (Game, meme, sticker or etc), ama, giveaway, and everything make a great event to make hype project.
Since 2021, I’ve been learning about running a validator, node. In project massa labs and get role early with a supporter on there for helping the team and community if they have a problem. Right now, I’ve running node like Massa Finance, Massa labs, Subquery Network, Masbit, Tidefi, Razor Network, Transformers (TSFC), and Aptos. I was qualified to participate and give great detailed feedback, helping the community if they were stuck while running node.

I used VPS with specs 6 CPU cores/16GB/SSD 400GB for running this event right now, maybe in the future will upgrade if that’s necessary.

I know Aptos now only chooses 200 quotas for qualified people to join AIT2 Testnet event. Small chances right, but why not?
I hope the team of Aptos to give some reward to people not eligible for the 200 quotas, at least it will make them happy cause they already tried with all their time and money to participate in this event. Yes I know, it depends on the Aptos team.

Soon, for you guys (including me) if you aren’t selected to join AIT2 in 200 quotas, don’t be discouraged. You are special to join with Aptos community. Love you guys!

Validator : Haxor
Discord : Haxor#2635
My community : Pejuang Receh
Discord Community : Link
Twitter : Link

Good Luck to us while joining this event.
God bless us :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Thank you guys :joy: Cant wait about announce soon right?