[AIT2] Harvest Malfar

Hello Aptos community,

We are crypto professional team Harvest Malfar and harvesting crypto since 2017 as major testers of many startaps in crypto space. The team is spreaded around the world, from USA and up to Indonesia. We were able to pick-up projects with node/validator support on early stage as SOLANA, HOPR, MINA, UMEE, NYM and others including top blockchains.

Communication/support languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Indonesian

Used technical stack: Vultr, Hetzner, AWS and rtc.; Monitoring: Zabbix, Grafana; 24/7 support due to world wide team

Our channel: BIT_Malfar
Our web site: http://harvestfund.top/

We have all recourses in place to provide all required support for project as from community to technical support.


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