[AIT2] haoy150 Validator

大家好,我是haoy150,我来自中国,自 2020 年以来我一直在研究加密货币世界,我有参与和维护其他项目的节点的经验,例如StarkNet Fish Defund Minima Bitcountry等,也学习过Move语言,很荣幸参与 Aptos 这样一个美好而有前途的项目,希望大家能投票给我,


Hello everyone, I am haoy150, I am from China, I have been studying the cryptocurrency world since 2020, I have experience in participating and maintaining nodes of other projects, such as StarkNet Fish Defund Minima Bitcountry, etc. I

have also learned the Move language, very It is an honor to participate in such a beautiful and promising project as Aptos, I hope everyone can vote for me,