[AIT2] Hageman's validator

Greetings to everyone on Aptos Community!

After having finished my degree in software engineering, I’ve been doing website/UI design, software development -and testing but also advising on some projects. Back in the day I started doing crypto’s first in 2012 reading about this never heard thing Bitcoin. Researching it lead me to test mining it myself. Sadly did not continue to do it for more than few days…

I got into cryptos again few years ago and since then have been running nodes on multiple different testnets (for instance Solana, EVMOS). Lately been also running some for smaller projects… So definitely have the background for Validator running.

I already got my eye in Aptos in the first AIT1 phase. Unfortunately didn’t then get chosen. I have always wanted to expand my experience and wanted to be part of something truly spectacular. Regarding this, my personal experience with Aptos has been great since start: and IMO it has a great concept behind with top tier investors.

Thank you for your time!


Great I will love to learn more about it


Thanks for sharing with us this info bro

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This sounds great, wish you the best.

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