[AIT2] gvdlv4 validator

Information and contacts

Hi, my name is Daniel. I actively participate in many projects as an active validator, ambassador and enthusiast. 2 years of experience in setting up and supporting nodes. Good knowledge of Linux and programming in general.

Current testnets:

Minima, Massa Labs, KYVE, StaFi, Peaq and others…

Sei Network: [NG] Explorer | Sei | seivaloper1uaqt2c02mk55fsmphhgdj3xzrezhmhtsu463eh
QuickSilver: Run Wallet
Mises Mainnet: Mises Portal

Completed projects in which I participated: Rizon, UMEE, NYM, Kujira and other…

Thanks for your vote!

I know him from project Umee, he made a lot of contributions there

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nice to see you here. really nice guy

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Hi, I am glad to see you are also interested in Aptos
I hope you will be selected, you deserve it