[ait2] grassets-tech

Hey, Aptos Community.

Let us introduce our team and how we can help Aptos.

Who we are

GRASSETS-TECH is a team of experienced engineers with an average 17+ experience in IT/DevOps/Networking/Coding/Data Analysis with head office in Dublin, Ireland.

Our fleet

  • High performance dedicated servers, VPS in different DCs across a globe (in all regions AMER, EMEA, APAC).
  • High spec servers in co-location (Dublin, Ireland)


24/7 monitoring and tech support using open-source products with custom tools for outage detection and notification.

Ongoing projects

  • Mainnet : The Graph, Solana, XX Network, NEAR
  • Testnet : Aleo, BlockPI, Cosmic Horizon, Forta, GNO, SSV, SubQuery etc

How do we help projects
Github: grassets-tech (GRASSETS TECH LIMITED) · GitHub

  • The Graph: Indexer’s POI DB consistency verifier
  • XX Network: Node status monitor and watchdog
  • NEAR: Testnet validator-info tool
  • Community support and PRs


Website and communication: https://grassets.tech/
Language: English
Location: Dublin, Ireland

For Aptos AIT2, we deployed a dedicated server in the EMEA region and will consider setting up a full node either in APAC or EMEA:

  • To perform redundancy tests
  • Latency tests
  • TBD

Really excited and will be happy to contribute as much as we can.

Best regards,
Grassets-tech Team