[AIT2] GoTrade Validator

Introduction to GoTrade validator

I’m independent validator with several years of experience in operating nodes and I’m investor in crypto space since 2016 with big community of followers named GoTrade. Me and my team are located in Netherlands and Austria and we communicate in English, German, Dutch, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

I have background in Finance and Computer Science and I’m crypto enthusiast and believer since 2016. My main vision and goal is to educate people about crypto in total and great projects which will change the industry to better as well as to take part myself. Our team consists of three developers with different specialisations, financial expert and marketing manager.

Some of projects I had a pleasure to run a node with my team and community include Aleo, Mina, Avalanche, Solana, Iron Fish, KYVE, Bundlr, Mangata, StarkNet and many others. In some of them I still run a nodes.

For our operations we use bare metal servers AMD Ryzen 9 5950x or Intel Xeon 6226R with DDR4 RAM which are stable and very productive and Grafana + Prometeus to track all processes and Ansible tool to control them.

Contact information and links :
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @GoTrade_Telegram, @kkv01
Discord: fow1088#6900


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