[AIT2] gladik validator

Hello :wink:, I am a crypto enthusiast from :armenia: Armenia, I have more than 2 years of experience, I am an experienced operator and ambassador in a number of projects:
Moonbeam, NYM, KYVE, Aleo, IronFish, Massa, SubQuery
I always highlight the main thing in the requirements, I approach human and other people’s code and tasks from the point of view of stability and accuracy; skills to find the best ways to solve problems

:desktop_computer:Technical Details:
Full Node server Intel Core i7-6700 32 GB RAM and Grafana monitoring tools

General information:
discord: Glad1k#8459
:phone:telegram: @johnymalkom


A good person, who understands many things, most likely deserves the opportunity to participate in your project.


I think is good validator


Also do not understand why so many votes. Could you explain ? infuencer? maybe your git or links on validators ( Moonbeam or other ?))

Greetings, yes of course you can find me by name in the explorer, for example, NYM mainnet and KYVE testnet

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thank’s for explaine) like