[AIT2] Gizmanod validator

Greetings, fellow Aptos enthusiasts!

I’m running the gizmanod testnet validator and would like to have your approval to continue running it throughout the further phases.

My professional experience is working as a DevOps engineer and developing various projects for around 9 years now. This experience helps me a lot with running my validators, I’m using my own monitoring tools to ensure that uptime is 24/7 and ping is minimal. I’m only using top-of-the-line hardware and trusted hosting providers.

Even though I’ve participated is some exceptional testnets previously (casper, solana, avalanche and so on) I believe that Aptos is so far the most exciting and insightful for me. Taking part in developing and desting a project of such importance and such scale is what made me choose my professional career path in the first place.

Feel free to contact me for any questions or just to chat about Aptos:
discord: petrprymov#4435 .

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