[AIT2] GateOmega

We are very excited and passionate to be part of Aptos Labs. We would like to contribute to the project through our track record blockchain expertise.
GateOmega is experienced node operator based in Turkey. We are a team of 6 and currently focusing on disruptive and innovative crypto projects. Gate Omega team consists of professionals who have : - 20+ years IT experience in different domains; server management, cloud computing and information security. - Project management - Operations - Finance
We are currently active on Solana, Oasis, Umbrella, Near, Forta, Subspace over USD 10M TVL.

  • GateOmega, https://gateomega.com, Turkey, Turkish, English, French
  • https://twitter.com/gateomega
  • Infra/Security: Secrets management, Firewall, DDOS protection, High Tier Data Centers, Security Policies, Server Security Hardening Configurations
    Services/tools: Grafana, Prometheus, New Relic, Custom scripts for monitoring and alerting

Hello guys…

I would love to see Gateomega on AIT-2. Based on past experience, I can tell they are community oriented and deal with community issues directly.


Hey Aptos community, GateOmega is experienced node operator, currently running nodes on some big ones such as Solana. Love to see them in Aptos as well.


Gateomega is good , they deserve

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GateOmega is the best of the best!!

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