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Greetings, Aptos Network community!

We are Fresh*STAKING, one of the earliest validation node operators in the space. We started validating in June 2018 and today we are active in over 16 chains, including:

  • Secret Network (since genesis)
  • Near Network (since genesis)
  • Skale (since genesis)
  • Polygon (since genesis)
  • Cosmos (ATOM)
  • Osmosis
  • Juno
  • Akash (since genesis)
  • Mina (since genesis)
  • Avalanche
  • Tezos
  • Terra 1 and Terra 2
  • Bitcanna (since genesis)
  • Tardigrade (since genesis)
  • Private ETH validation

We are a small team who has been in the crypto asset space since 2013. We have never received external funding. Our company is registered in the Netherlands, and our team members are distributed across Europe and North America. Our experience in devops for secure & stable networked applications dates back to 1996 and includes PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant services for Fortune 500 companies.

We run:

  • only bare-metal machines
  • across 4 different datacenters, 2 in the US and 2 in Europe, all Tier III or Tier IV (the highest tiers)
  • on supported chains, we secure the private keys using an HSM (Hardware Security Module), such as the YubiHSM.
  • enterprise grade NVME disks (on the validators in RAID 1/mirroring for redundancy)
  • a combination of custom and off-the-shelf monitoring systems, escalating across two separate timezones for 24/7/365 coverage and cascading alerts

We are members the NEAR Validator Advisory Board and founding members of the Polygon Validator Advisory Board. Our rule for participating in governance is the interests of the delegators first, the ecosystem second and the validators third.

While we don’t (yet) have a marketing budget to hosts AMAs, have an incredible online presence, setup booths at trade shows or even write many blog posts and code to share with the community, our goal is clear: to run the tightest, most secure, stable and performant infrastructure outside of the major cloud providers. This enables peace of mind for our delegators and promotes network decentralization. We let our numbers speak for themselves instead of relying on a large marketing budget.

Some of the code we have built/contributed to different ecosystems:


  • Twitter (soon to transition into @freshstaking)
  • Website
  • Telegram to reach me directly (pls don’t say just hi and wait for a reply. there are a lot of scammers so I only respond to messages that state what they want to talk about)
  • On Discord, you must add me as friend first: Gaia#0704
  • Email: image

Specifically related to Aptos, why should you vote for us? We have been involved with Aptos since before AIT1, and prior to Aptos we have been running on 0l, the other Diem based network. Decentralized peer to peer money remains an elusive challenge. We would like to help and see it succeed. We feel that Aptos is, at this time, our best shot at it.


We can confidently also recommend these reliable validators:

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