[AIT2] ford49 Validator

/could not find my post in AIT2, so renewed it/

Hi there! I’m from Ukraine/Germany (I have places to live in both countries :)).

I am an economist too, 21 years of experience (contracts, calculations etc.) and I researched tokenomics of many projects (successful and not) during last 5 years, so have a good experience to know better the future of a definite project. (Not only technical part makes sense but quality economics is very important for success too).

Several years ago my friend and I decided to start career in IT.
Starting from frontend I moved to backend/DevOps. Got experiance with retail/developer companies.
With my friends, we launched a few crypto startaps and participated there as blockchain/backend/devops.
I started my crypto journey in 2017 as an investor-analytic of a lot of different projects, teams, technologies, funds, and have been running nodes for 2+ years.
Currently, I am here and know enough for being efficient validator/noderunner with devops skills, also a skilled crypto investor and just a cheerful guy :slight_smile:
Started being node operator about 2+ years ago.

Participated in different projects: Mina protocol, StarkNet, Subspace, Celestia, Archway etc.

Prefereable Uptime 24/7, communication channel is:
discord ford49#3252,
telegram @Olrise
For mainet I prefer to use Hetzner, for dev/test net it’s contabo.

Current configuration: 4/8/400
Uptime 24/7