[AIT2] Fomoiks validator

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  • I have been installing nodes for about a year now, I have a lot of experience in this business, I gained experience in such chats as Nods guru, How to node (Cybermanov). I also do a lot of testnets, every day, I participate in many ambassador programs. I participate in sales / ico, now I hold such nodes - Iron Fish, Kyve, Aptos, Subspace, Sui, Sei, Defand, Masa, Massa, Minima. participated in the first AIT1 Aptos

for exmple my Kyve validator - KYVE

  • Dmitriy. Ukraine, languages Ukraine, Russian, English

  • github - fomoiks, discord - Fomoiks#0624, telegram - @sevenup22, twitter - @Cryptodisco33

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