[AIT2] Fewcha Wallet Validator

About Us

We are the Apps Cyclone Corporation based in Vietnam with more than 15 years of experience in software development, 5+ years in blockchain development. We have supplied 500+ products to our partners worldwide.

Our Products Details for Aptos ecosystem

Fewcha wallet is a non-custodial Web3.0 wallet for the Aptos blockchain. Fewcha aims to enable Web 3.0, and it allows users to freely transfer crypto assets between their wallet and the Aptos dApps.

Fewcha also enables Web 3.0 by providing tools to dApps builders to integrate with Aptos ecosystem.

  • Web3.js Connection Library

  • Web3 React Connection Library

  • Web3 Dart Connection Library

Fewcha wallet supports every utility token launched with Aptos’ dApps.

Our Contributions to Aptos Community

  • Instruction: Set-up and run validator nodes for AIT 1-2: HERE

  • Developed a Fewcha Wallet to Aptos Ecosystem

  • Web3 libraries for Aptos Ecosystem: Github

We aren’t stopping at these products :wink: we will develop dApps for Aptos ecosystem with MOVE language and keep contributing to Aptos ecosystem.


We are currently using k8s to be able to scale the resources Aptos needs as validators. The configuration will change automatically when Aptos needs a node with a higher configuration.


English, Vietnamese, Deutschland, Chinese.

Communication & Social Network of Fewcha Wallet

AppCyclones | Twitter | Discord | Medium | Github | Telegram Announcement Channel

Fewcha Wallet extension on Chrome: HERE


Thanks, Yureu for posting this!

As you can see in the content of the thread, we focus on the wallet and web3 development, but there is also a department that operates and is responsible for running the validator node.

The validator nodes that are run will represent the Fewcha Wallet and the user community of the Fewcha Wallet. We hope you will join us.

Let’s vote!


come on!Hope more and more people pay attention to us and support us :laughing:


nice design and i like this wallet!!!


Wow, it’s getting better and better.


Supported , Expect the project to enter a higher degree of completion


nice design and i like this wallet


nice ,let’s go toward the right direction.

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I really like this wallet.


Looks like a potential project

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Thanks for supporting Fewcha :wink: I really appreciate Chinese community for helping us while we’re building Fewcha.

Wonderful project! I love it!

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Lend us your hands for voting Fewcha Wallet. Thanks everyone for reading our introduction!

Looking nice. Did not think people could make a wallet this good. Hope u guys can make it even better :grin: :grin: :grin:

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Thanks for lovely comments, we promise to make it best for our users.

Fewcha will be #1 crypto wallet for Aptos ecosystem. Thanks for your awesome works.

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I like you, please keep going

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Well done. I love it

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very good project bro

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nice~I really like this wallet.

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