[AIT2] F5 Nodes

Hello, F5 Nodes here.

Team of inspired people with years of experience in IT and crypto.
Enthusiasts building ukrainian crypto community with friendly atmosphere.
Providing strong technical support to our ukrainian node runners, f5 & shark nodes crypto leaders.

Our team has been validating projects for a long time, especially such as Solana, Evmos, AssetMantle, Nym, Axelar, Kujira and others. Testnets, as well as mainnets. We are contributing to projects as Ambassadors, Moderators, Technical Support etc.

For nodes and other applications, we use different infrastructure based on network requirements. Using Grafana & Prometheus as a monitoring tools. We usually have backup servers for each network. For us uptime and project contributing are the most important things to us.

We will be happy to participate in the test network and further in the main network.

Github: github.com/f5nodes

Thanks for you vote.
F5 Team

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I know you guys! Very cool validators, follow your resources! I wish you to be among the winners.