[ait2] ern ventures

Hello, everyone!
Our team is professional validators with extensive experience in PoS. We are validators in the Cere Network and SifChain and have delegations from the projects. We are also now working on the next generation of privacy with the NYM project (mixnode). We take an active part in testnet and devnet: Aptos, Celestia, Sui, Sei, Deweb, in the collator program Calamari.
Our team is located in different countries around the world, which enables us to monitor our nodes 24/7. Security and high uptime are our top priority. We also publish our own staking guides, video tutorials and FAQs.

Currently we operate in:

  • SifChain as a validator (delegations from the team)
  • Cere Network as a validator (delegations from the team)
  • NYM as a mixnode operator

Detailed information about us can be found on our website: https://ernventures.com/

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