[AIT2] Enigma Validator

Hello !

Enigma is a Professional Proof of Stake Validator on around 20 projects like Axelar, Juno, Umee, Terra etc …
We are actively participating in the community by building tools like analytics (https://info.junoswap.com/), faucet bot (Sei Network, Kujira, Craft), IBC client bot (Axelar, Umee), organizing giveaways and relaying more than 30 IBC routes.
We are also top IBC relayer operator with chain linked to Axelar !

Enigma is the builder and the developer of https://www.ibc-status.com/ and builder of data based tools like AI chatbot that we integrate to discord servers.

We would like to participate in the Aptos testnet to be able to familiarize ourselves with this brand new and very promising ecosystem.

Please allow us to be selected by voting for Enigma !

For more information you can retrieve us at:
Website: https://enigma-validator.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnigmaValidator
Discord: Enigma

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