[AIT2] Emanuel Validator (+ Full Node)

Hi everyone!

My name is Emanuel. I’m into crypto since 2015. I’ve been working on several project on the side and now part time. I’m originally Italian but I’ve been living in Silicon Valley for 10 year working on several companies including Facebook. My engineering knowledge is pretty broad from Android development to backend and Cloud Native Infra. I’ve actively running validators for ETH2, ICP and Cartesi.

I spin up a validator and full node on K8S. For now I’m on AWS but I’m considering going on premise for several reasons. Happy to work with you folks.

My twitter

Technical Details:

  • AWS: c5.xlarge + 1T EBS + EKS
  • K8S hand made in existing cluster (no helm)
  • Security: running Calico with deny all by default policy
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Hi, @emanuel , what are benefits of running full node? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I guess you contribute more to the network, but you can run a validator without

Hi @emanuel , what is the location of your node ?

I was running it on AWS (Oregon), but I wasn’t selected for AIT2.