[AIT2] Eloquent

Good afternoon!

I’m an economist involved in research of marketing and strategic management, advised brands on media planning during the last 3 years. Also, many people know me as the Community Champions representative at Goldfinch. Having a background in blockchain project management as well as technical experience, I would like to combine these parameters to effectively help all new members of the Aptos community.

Umee, Iron Fish (also I’m an ambassador), Masa Finance (+ Community Manager), Nym, StarkNet — these are just some of the projects I was technically involved.

AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 64 GB DDR4, 2x512 GB NVMe SSD., Finland

Russian, English
Discord: Eloquent#7431
Telegram: @carnosauria

We’re going to do a great job with you! :alien:

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Eloquent has valuable contributions in different projects which have important impact for community. His technical experience is also superb and helps him to bring his contributions to the next level. Strongly believe that Eloquent will be a great addition to node operators set

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