[AIT2] Elairineerirish

Unfortunately, I did not get into the first stage, I will try now.

High-quality node operator with good experience of 2-3 years.

I am the operator of such nodes as Aptos, Gear, ironfish, massa, masa finance, starknet, solana, evmos and subquery .

He was also a validator in the hydra network. From myself I promise responsibility and full feedback on errors and bugs

Use VPS cloud server, location Germany

discord - Elairineerirish#7927, tg - @Elairineerirish,
twitter - https://twitter.com/pltnsofronov

Also do not understand why so many votes , could you explain & influencer, tg channel, any links on nodes ?

don’t worry, we just have our own closed community that knows each other. I described all my experience, and links were not required.