[AIT2] dzen Validator

Sorry for the late form, but do not neglect attention !
My name Pavel, belarus man that lives in Izmir (Turkey), 32 years old.
My DevOps back :
*bash *
logs and monitoring
Google cloud Fundamentals : Core Infrastructure
Infrastructure :
I have deployed application with Ansible playbook on my own server in Minsk, opened needed ports on router. For monitoring I am using Prometheus/grafana stack and I am using ELK stack for logging. Also I update OS by connecting to node with ssh.
Server - Ryzan 9 5950x with 3070 GPU for cryptography, 128 RAM, and few SSD’s
In cryptospace :
Validator since 2020
Significant nodes - KEEP, AVA, NEAR, Moonbeam, MINA, Casper, The Graph Indexer and curator, Solana.
My discord nickname : Maslov#9834
Feel free to contact ( better here), ask question . Thanks
P.s.: wondered by idea of aptos, speed and love l1 blockchains ( it’s interesting)


Wish you luck ! he often help many people ( security and network)

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Thank’s for help with Casper !

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