[AIT2] dvskolota

Hei folk,

My name is Denis and here I am to offer myself as a candidate to the new testnet stage of Aptos. Aptos attracted my attention a long time ago and I’ve been following it for a while. Since then I learned in depth all project’s documentation and make myself prepared to participate in testnet.

About me: running nodes and validating since 2018, with more than 50 projects in my portfolio in total. Experienced operator and crypto enthusiast.

As a proof of my trustworthiness here is some links:

Solana Mainnet node: Solana Foundation Validator Program | Solana: Build crypto apps that scale
Nym Mainnet mixnode: [NG] Explorer | Nym | Mixnode | n1sjsuyhe89cm5lmn35zs98c7j0y7g3xsm7jwp5t