[AIT2] DrPRO Validator

Hi everyone!
My name is Sviatoslav
I have been in the blockchain industry since 2016
During this time, I managed to try all possible activities in this industry:

  • trading cryptocurrencies (technical and fundamental)
  • mining (BTC, ETH, XMR, LTC, ERGO and other coins and algorithms)
  • ico/ieo investing in startups
  • masternodes (forks DASH)
  • defi (liquidity pools and bridges)
  • staking
  • farming
  • nodes in mainnet and testnet (Spasemesh, Sentinel, Phala, Casper, XX Network ect.)
  • NFTs

I have advanced experience in using Linux and the console, some experience in writing scripts

I understand that I will have enough experience and time to support APTOS in the test network and I really hope that in the main network.
For this I need your support friends!

here is my discord for communication


I vote for you good luck :+1:

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your experience looks very worthy!
my vote is for you


My vote is for you, good profile