[AIT2] DrKill Validator

I’m Julien, Fullstack Web developer since 12 years.
Crypto enthouastic since 2017 and I have participated in many testnet :

  • Denali for Avalanche,
  • Cro for Cronos,
  • BCNA for Bitcanna,
  • NEAR Protocol,
  • Massa,
  • Starknet
  • Axelar

I have a great experience in tesnet, monitoring nodes, softwares and hardwares.

I’m validator for :

I was curator for The Graph Protocol.

All my rewards are onchain, for delegation.

I’m also do consulting and formation for companies in France, when they want to learn more about the blockchain technology, crypto currencies and Web3.

I have 3 VPS in Germany with Debian ou Ubuntu, 3 PCs at home with Windows or Ubuntu.

Thanks you, see you soon !