[AIT2] doodleoo

Hello everyone, today I would like to tell you how I ended up here, at the origins of a great project that everyone will talk about at the next bullrun (and maybe earlier). I started my journey in general at the beginning of 2020 (then there were many victories and defeats, perhaps like all people in the field of cryptocurrencies), I started installing nodes + - a year ago and during this time I managed to get acquainted with OS UBUNTU basicly and even a little more , as well as more delved into the command line.
During the time that I was doing all this, I managed to become a part, set up nodes for such projects as Hopr, Near, NYM, AVAX, MINA (as well as many other projects, but I listed the most successful cases). Madly want to stand at the origins of the project and really ready to go to great lengths. This was my brief history for [AIT2] (far from complete, just wanted to make it clear that I am a useful early adopter and will stick with the project until the last). 
Thank you for your attention. :yum:

Dscrd: doodleoo#4112
Twttr: @doodleoo3
Tlgrm: @doodleks1