Hi, community!

My name is Dmitriy. I’m from Belarus.
Mechanical engineer and crypto-enthusiast.
I’m a simple guy and I have no media resources behind me, so I don’t have high hopes for this vote. But I think it’s worth a try.

My experience in running nodes is about a year old. At the moment I’m involved in testnetworks projects such as: Quai Network, Gear Technologies, Masa Finance, Subspace, DeFund, Sei Network, Humanode, Celestia, Sui, StarkNet and of course Aptos.

For AIT2, I rented a powerful dedicated server that can handle heavy loads. I guarantee round-the-clock monitoring of the validator, as well as its timely updates. Yes, and in general I will do whatever it takes from me. I am a very responsible person, flexible and quick to learn.

If you know me, or have ever gotten help from me, or just want to support a simple hardworking guy, then vote for me. Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Peace be with you all! :v: :wink:

My Discord is DMITRY KARPUSHKIN#2404.