[AIT2] Dim validator

I am in crypto from 2020. My friends and I are professional noderunners investors, developers with several years of experience and working with different projects.
We run nodes (validator or full nodes) for different perspective projects: umee, subspace, mina, celestia, archway etc.
I have been running a node for Aptos from the devnet, applied for AIT1, but was not chosen unfortunately.
Hope to be chosen for AIT2 (it depends on the team and community support :blush:).

I am from Ukraine, travel to different countries in EU.
English, Russian, Ukraine.
We can reach me on discord bor5388#7015 or telegram @genry99
We use different cloud servers from Hetzner, Contabo for testnets or mainnet.
For Aptos node, server configuration is 4/8/400, uptime 24/7.

Your votes are appritiated :blush:

Celestia is a difficult to run, really good skills needed for it :+1: