[AIT2] - dikiy1 (node.works)

Hi all! I am very glad to be here :slight_smile:

  1. My name is Maks my crypto journey started back in 2017 with ETH mining and at the moment we are validating Stafi/Graph in mainnet. Apart from that we run nodes in the biggest projects around like: Subspace/Startknet/Archway/Quai/KYVE/Aptos(devnet) and SSV where i got chosen as Russian Ambassador for the project.
  2. In an effort to reach success we have partnered with a set of professional DevOps engineers from https://node.works/ who are located in India and validate many trending chains! We speak Russian,English and Hindi.
  3. You can reach us in Discord at contextual#2782 and Open Shards Alliance or Telegram @cryptobomj13
  4. We prefer using the American Google Cloud VPS (because they offer discounts ;), ranging anywhere from 2/2 up to 64/128 with Terrabytes of storage depending on the requirements.