[AIT2] DiElektra ❤️ MMS

Hello guys! My name is Daria from the MMS team - a professional team of validators and ambassadors.
:heart: Happy to join AIT2 and hope to get the chance of being chosen.:heart:

Participated in Aptos community since the Early Adopter and was keeping node in devnet.

Our ongoing testnets list: Aptos, Forta, Gear, GNO, Ironfish, Quai, Massa, Masa, Humanode, Minima, Penumbra, Peaq, Starknet, Subspace, Sui.
Active validators in POS (testnets): Celestia, Clan, Cosmic, DeFund, DWS, Kyve, StaFi, Quicksilver, Paloma, Sei.
Mainnets: Kujira, Umee, Evmos, Solana, Nym, Gravity-Bridge, Konstellation, and Oasis Network

For all cosmos-ecosystem networks, we gradually turn on the restake service - https://restake.mms.team/ . At the moment it works for Evmos, Umee, Gravity bridge. Desmos will be enabled soon, and Kujira will be available soon.
We have a telegram bot to notify our cosmos stakers - @Cosmos_Balance_Bot , which allows our stakers to be aware of their current balance and stake status, as well as notify about new promotions.
Our development plan includes the implementation of such user services as a single dashboard for all space networks and a super-dapp with auto-stake and auto-fix profit options with the ability to directly deposit and withdraw funds to the card. At the moment we are developing our solution based on the source code of ping.pub (cosmos.mms.team ), and creating our own explorer of cosmos-based networks.
For validators services we planned snapshot service and validator status notification system.
For users services we planned cross-chain dapp with visa/mc integration

:sparkle: As for our ambassadorial division, we have a YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/MMSteam and we working on videos about Aptos now.

:white_check_mark: Posts for Ru-speaking community about Aptos - Aptos — MMS Research RU — Teletype

:white_check_mark: Guide for Aptos in Ru language for our community Установка валидаторской ноды APTOS — Teletype

Our telegram channels:
:white_check_mark: Cosmos ecosystem(channel and group) Telegram: Contact @cosmochannel_mms
:white_check_mark: Node guides (channel and group) Telegram: Contact @mmsnodes
:white_check_mark: Our website https://mms.team/

For Aptos validator and fullnode we are using 2 servers:
AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600
64 GB DDR4
2x 512 GB NVMe

I will be extremely happy to see your votes :heart:


You have always been a guide with your valuable information. Thank you.


Thank you! I can say the same about you. Subscribed for your channels as well


Voted for her! Looks professional


Thank you. Trying our best


Hello.Yes of course :slight_smile: I voted too for :+1:.Good luck Daria.


Thank you guys for supporting me :heart_eyes_cat:


Nice job! keep up the good work!


GUYS, You are best! Good luck!


Good Luck, wish win!


Thank you guys for your support. :heart:

Hi all!
We just make new video about Aptos

From MMS with Love=)


Seeing Forms like that makes me think, that I must do not apply :grinning: Looks perfect for me


Everyone should apply and get the chance. :wink:

you can be an example for many! support :star_struck:

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Wow, so many girls here. I’m happy to see you all in this complicated coding world :heart_eyes_cat:

Sounds pretty impressive)

Trying my best to be updated everywhere :joy: Thank you :heart:

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Im using your validators to stake my coins on many chains. Gl!

I see that you have run node in many tests, congratulations.

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